Dietble — Changing Eating Behaviour

Help Using Dietble App

Download the App from the store and install on your phone


Fill out the registration form: select a username and password and enter your email. You will be forwarded to another screen requesting you to fill out some personal data such as name, age, country and closest city.

Selecting your therapist

If you were referred to the Dietble app by a therapist you work with, please select their name from the dropdown box. If you do not have a therapist, please select Dietble as the default therapist. This will enable you to receive personal feedback from the Dietable health professionals during the free trial and if you choose to continue for the duration of your subscription.

Select Language

Please select the language you prefer the feedback to be in.
Currently feedback is available in English and Hebrew. More languages will be added as they become available to us.


A two week trial is available to all users who have selected Dietable as their therapist. After the free trial is over, you can continue using the app for free to collect your own data. No feedback will be given during this use. If you would like to receive feedback please enter the Get Professional Feedback menu item and select the subscription that best meets your needs


two reports are available to you.
MTwo reports are available to you. My Weight - is a graph of the change of your weight entered by over time. Please note that for physiological reasons we recommend weighing yourself not more than once a week Eating Behaviour Summary - An aggregated report of all the bahaviour answers you report. The default date range is one week back but that can easily be changed by select the date range and entering other dates