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We found over the years that most people are overweight due to overeating and not because of the foods they choose to eat, therefore learning when to stop eating is crucial for your success. If you are overweight, and stop eating when you're full, you decrease your food intake automatically.

Dietble is designed to change eating habits. Changing eating habits does not change what you like to eat. If you don't have any medical limitations you can continue eat everything.

The time span between your meals and your degree of fullness tells you when to eat. The first free 2 weeks trial, we will guide you.

If you see your satiation levels, how many times you ate too much , and at which degree you are full, you can start monitor your fullness levels and go down or up a balloon. See presentation link

You receive feedback by Dietble notifications. Our nutritionists review your input and analyze it. The first 2 weeks are free of charge. We recommend continuing beyond the free trial, because behavioral changes take time to assimilate. There are different packages you can choose from.

The more questions you answer after meals the better results. The app allows you to skip questions. It's up to you.

Not if you stop when you're full, and have no medical condition that needs food monitoring. If you are overweight, and stop eating when you're full, you will automatically decrease the amount of food you eat.

For example: if you see that most meals you click when you're going to pop, try stopping a level of fullness before, and so on. If you see you eat mostly while driving, try to stop, step out of the car and eat by sitting down, etc…. During the free trial and for users with a subscription, we will also supply you with personal feedback to help you pinpoint your issues

If you want to track your weight, We recommend you enter your weight no more than once a week. More entries will confuse you, because our weight shifts between 2 kg (about 4-5 lbs) all the time for physiological purposes, and not because of what we eat.

For behavioral changes it isn't necessary. It takes time to see your weight change on a scale.

You don't. It is not necessary for behavioral changes.